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  • General Questions

         1. How much does Digital Express charge to photograph an

            event such as a horse show, motorcycle race, or

            sporting event?

                            NOTHING! There is no charge to the organizers

                            of an event for our services.

        2. What does Digital Express need from the organizers of

             an event?

                           A few things...

                                   a. a parking spot to fit our 20 ft. trailer near competitors, preferably with a 30 amp. hook-up; if no

                                       hook-up is available, than access to a outlet is necessary 

                                   b. announcements made during the day so competitors

                                       are aware of us

                                   c. full access to the show ring or other areas the event

                                       is happening

                                   d. a guarantee that we will be the only professional

                                       photographers on site. If another photographer

                                       attempts to profit from the show, it is the club's

                                       responsibility to ask him/her to leave and not promote

                                      their pictures.


               4. How long does it take for customers to receive

                  their pictures?

                           Our customers leave our trailer with their pictures

                           in hand, whether it be prints or a CD. We do not

                           accept money until our customers have their

                          items in hand, except in some  rare special 

                          order instances.

              5. How far do you travel to photograph an event?

We are willing to travel out of state 

                   based on the size of an events and the cost

                  of traveling to a site vs. our  

                  minimum acceptable profit. Carriage driving 

                  events are usually the exception, we are 
                  willing to travel out of state for most any

                  size carriage event.

Miracle Farm CDE 2004 - Linda and Keith Yutzy